Date: 3/16/2020 

To: Customers 

Subject: Covid-19 (Coronavirus Plan) 

To all our customers of Edisto Gas, we want to take a few minutes to thank you for your business and loyalty to our company. You are the reason we do what we do, and it is a pleasure to serve you every day. 

We will be cleaning and sanitizing each of our locations to the best of our ability throughout the day. We will be cleaning all “high touch” surfaces including countertops, doorknobs, etc. We are keeping an eye on this disease very closely. We ask that if you or someone close to you are showing signs of COVID-19 to please stay home. You can email us any concerns at 

Recommendations for our customers.
• For the latest information on coronavirus, visit the CDCs website at
• Increased activity at home due to school closures, work from home, etc. can change consumption patterns. If you are a will call customer, closely monitor your tank level to ensure you have enough propane supply.
• If you do not have an online account, we recommend you visit and create your account so that you can view account information, request a delivery, review past activity, pay your bill and much more.
• If you are a pay in advance customer, you can submit online using your credit card.
• Check our website for updated information at 


Your safety is our #1 priority. We hope your experience is a safe one. Thank you for your continued trust, loyalty and patience. 


Best Wishes, 

Edisto Gas